New Website!!

Welcome to our new website - and our new Blog!! This has been a long time coming, as our previous website was created mumble mumble years ago.

We love our new one, and hope you will as well, some come back often! We're settling in now with a bottle of wine and admiring how pretty we look! LOL  A little about us if this is your first trip to our website - first of all, welcome.

Laura and I have been married for just over 30 years - yes, she's a VERY patient (and lucky) woman. We both have earned our Certified Professional Photograph status, and Photographic Craftsman degrees, but we just recently earned our Master of Photography degree from the Professional Photographers of America.

Think of it more as a performance based degree, as we had to submit images for review, and they had to pass review (or "merit") in order for us to be designated as "Masters". But, here we are. This is the 20th anniversary of Laura's entry into this crazy profession, and looking for 20 more!