"I Have a Senior, Now What?"

  June 13th, 2018

About this time of year, we hear this question a lot... "I have a senior, what do I need to do?"...

If you have a senior at Victoria East or Victoria West, the senior portrait experience is a two step process -

      First, your senior will need a yearbook photo.  This involves setting an appointment with us to come into the studio for a personalized senior yearbook session - only $59 for a 15 minute indoor session that includes one outfit PLUS cap and gown.  You'll pick the image you want for the yearbook before you leave the studio, so schedule 30-40 minutes for this entire process.  This needs to be done before October 1, but we highly suggest that it is done before school restarts in August, as seniors get VERY busy!

     Second, and this applies to ALL seniors, the custom storytelling session!  We have sessions from a short in-studio session to a longer sunset session (our most popular).  This is the session where we tell the senior story...into sports?  Band?  Theatre?  An artist?  Into Harry Potter or 50's music?  We want to not only take a photo of you, but tell a story about you!  For pricing on these sessions, look in the senior gallery for the pricing link.


You may find better pricing at another studio, but you will NOT find a better value anywhere!  Call us for a free no obligation senior consultation, 570-8326.  We'll make it easy, quick and fun!

Not Always a "Good Deal"....

April 20, 2018

Everyone likes a good deal.  But at what expense??  When can a sweet deal turn sour?


  We believe it's of great value to "shop local".  The local Chamber of Commerce used to have a "Shop Local" campaign.  Now, to be fair, not everything you want can be found locally all the time, this is true.  BUT - with very few exceptions, photographic services (among other things) almost always can.  What am I talking about?  Let's take the schools for example - both public and private in some cases....

  Why would a local school contract an out-of-town photographer to come in when we have great talent here locally?  Why would we send all that money out of town, when it could stay here and pay local taxes, buy local groceries?  School photos, sports photos, newborn baby photos...the list goes on.  Local money should stay local - whether it's us doing the photography or another local photographer, sending Victoria money out of town - even out of STATE in some cases - just seems wrong, we hope you agree.

So Many letters!!

 April 10, 2018

We frequently get asked, "What in the world are all those letters after your name??"  

Our email signature looks something like this... Laura Ann and Randy Pollard M. Photog Cr., CPP.....Well, here's what they mean...


"M. Photog" means we are Master Photographers.  this isn't just some ceremonial title, or something we 'purchased' online.  This means we actually earned our chops by submitting photographs to an independent, highly trained panel to be judged against a national set of standards.  Our images were judged to be worthy of the title "Master of Photography", and we were both conferred with that title.

"Cr." means we earned the designation "Photographic Craftsman" by virtue of teaching, writing and mentoring other photographers.  Again, not just a flashy 'show title'...and finally...

"CPP" means we are Certified Professional Photographers.  This involved a written test, AND an image submission to an independent review Board.  About 8% of all photographers nationwide are Certified.

Now, since we are married, and BOTH of us have all three of these titles, that puts us in a VERY exclusive club!  Only 8 couples nationwide have accomplished this - we being one of them.  

I post this not to brag, but to help explain that our education and accomplishments help us to produce the high quality images that you have come to expect from L-Ann Imaging and On the Edge Photography.  We appreciate your trust in us, and hope to tell your photographic story for many years to come!


Christmas Time's 'A Comin'!

  Ain't it the truth?  Christmas will be here before you know it.  We're right in the middle of photographing families, children, and of course Santa with his admirers!  Getting ready for next year, planning our photo excursions, getting ready for senior portraits and planning planning planning!  On the first day of December, make a decision.  Make a decision to slow down, to take it all in, to enjoy this Christmas season!  Spend time with the kids, have a glass of wine, eat the dessert.  We pass this way but once, but if we do it right?  Once is enough!!  

  Remember to give thanks to God for his blessings, pay it forward whenever you can, and to bless those less fortunate than you - 'cause let's face it, it you REALLY think about it...aren't MOST people less fortunate than you?  I don't mean that in a 'oh look at me I'm so great' way, I mean it in a "we are so blessed!  And we usually take it for granted" way....volunteer, help out, do what good you can, where you can, when you'll be twice blessed for it!